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Hidex V.92 USB, Bosch Alarm Panel Modem

Reliable Convenient Connection

The Raymar-Teleneetics USB Modem provides dial-up Internet and fax users a simple and efficient USB modem for use with netbooks, notebooks, and desktops. Many of today's netbooks and notebooks have sacrificed on-board dial-up functionality for compact lightweight designs. The raymarinc.co.uk USB Modem allows dial-up users to easily reconnect their new netbooks and notebooks to the Internet.

Faster and More Efficient Dial-up

The Raymar-Telenetics USB Modem is a controller based hardware modem, which does not draw resources from the system CPU and is a major improvement over software based modems. This improvement in design ultimately increases overall connection reliability and system speed. The Raymar USB model is designed with built-in functions like Speed Buffering and Error Correction contribute to the faster speeds and reliable performance of the raymarinc.co.uk ® USB Modem.

Bosch Alarm Panel Configuration and Drivers

Customized drivers and Setup configuration specifically for Bosch Alarm Panel enables connection to all models of alarms manufactured by Bosch Security and their Legacy panels. The Raymar-Telenetics USB modem works in conjunction with the security software supplied by Bosch and any computer using a USB interface.

  • Controller based hardware modem
  • Powered through USB
  • Speed buffering provides stronger throughput and connection reliability
  • Ring detection

Data V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22, V.23, V.21, bell 212A Bell 103,
Error Correction V.42LAPM and MNP2, 3, 4
Fax V.17 (14.4Kbps), T.31 Class 1 FAX, V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21
Data Compression V.44, V.42bis, with MNP Class 5
Max Current 88mA
Operating Temperature -5°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 80% non condensing
Storage Humidity 5% to 95% non condensing
Item Phone Line Interface One RJ-11 socket
Compatibility Operating SystemMicrosoft: 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7 Mac OS: 10.4/10.5, 10.6, Server 2008
Compliance Certification FCC CE RoHs

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